Corzan Pipes Help Meet High-Temperature Requirements at Vet School

June 29, 2018
When a new facilities manager started work at the Oqeundo Center, a hands-on veterinary training facility in Las Vegas, he quickly got in touch with Frank McCourt at Jenni Plumber to discuss some potential issues he discovered. One problem in particular: The center couldn’t get hot-enough water to its sterilizer to ensure proper operation. The design/build project quickly became one of Jenni Plumber’s most challenging to date. The team installed a tankless water heater that Keep Reading »

Corzan CPVC Offers Affordable Alternative to Rising Steel Prices

June 12, 2018
As steel prices continue to climb, plumbing engineers, contractors, specifiers and project owners are finding a reliable, more stable alternative in plastic piping products such as Corzan® CPVC. Copper and steel have long been susceptible to price swings. Recently, steel’s volatility and uncertainty have increased due to a 25% import tariff imposed by the Trump Administration in March. While waivers had been in place for Canada, Mexico and the European Union, those were eliminated in Keep Reading »

Videos: Why Does Your Company Rely on Corzan CPVC?

May 30, 2018
Mike Prior and Breeden Mechanical in Virginia have been using CPVC piping systems for 40 years, relying on the material’s affordability and ease of installation, as well as the service and support behind the brand. In this series of short videos, Prior discusses why he uses Corzan CPVC and why it’s the right fit for the company’s multifamily and commercial projects. On why he uses use Corzan CPVC:   On why Breeden uses Corzan CPVC Keep Reading »

Is Corzan CPVC Approved for Use in Plenums?

May 28, 2018
In most commercial buildings, the areas above the suspended ceiling used for air circulation are identified as air plenums. These cavities are particularly challenging during a fire, explains Sewell Direct: They contain a lot of fresh oxygen that can make a fire grow quickly and because the air is forced, smoke and fumes can spread throughout the building. As a result, model codes restrict the surface burning characteristics of the materials that can be installed Keep Reading »
Corzan CPVC Piping Systems

We Are Corzan

April 23, 2018
Corzan CPVC is more than just a piping material. We are a team of scientists, engineers, master plumbers and mechanical contractors dedicated to being your partner. Watch this video to learn how the Corzan Piping Systems team delivers reliability in everything we do to ensure you a dependable system that you can trust.  Ready to learn more? Contact your representative today. Keep Reading »
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How Does Chlorine Affect Plastic Piping Systems?

April 19, 2018
Chlorination is frequently employed to control the growth of harmful bacteria in cooling towers and recirculating systems. But many may not realize that this type of disinfection, relied upon to maintain healthy HVAC systems, can accelerate degradation of some types of pipes. CPVC is not one of those piping materials. And the reason is right in its name: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. In its very molecular structure, CPVC possesses inherent resistance to degradation by chlorinated water.  Keep Reading »

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