Protecting What Matters Most

Health & Safety

Along with reliability you can trust, Corzan Piping Systems provide the peace of mind of long-term safety and health for building occupants.

  • Strong: Unlike traditional metallic systems, Corzan Piping Systems maintain water quality. There is no leaching of metal or contamination of the water supply.
  • Safe: Corzan pipe and fittings are consistently proven to resist bacteria and biofilm better than other materials used for potable water piping. And our pipes can withstand the super-heated and super-chlorinated water required for biofilm remediation, unlike PEX, which is not recommended for use with water above 140 degrees and is unable to withstand chlorine as well as CPVC does.
  • Sustainable: Corzan pipe and fittings are long-lasting, efficiently produced and recyclable.

Recent News

Piping systems for HVAC hydronic heating and cooling

Piping Solutions for HVAC Projects

March 23, 2018
When it comes to hydronic heating and cooling applications, Corzan CPVC offers an ideal combination of durability, reliability and affordability. Corzan CPVC pipe, valves and fittings are designed to meet the temperature, pressure and size requirements of commercial heating and cooling systems, and they have a proven track record in commercial hot water heating and cooling systems in hospitals, retail and multifamily projects, to name a few. When designed, installed and operated in accordance with Keep Reading »
PVC pipe

Not All Plastics Are the Same

March 20, 2018
Before 1959, using plastic for plumbing pipes was uncommon. Materials like steel, copper and lead were trusted to deliver drinking water all over the world. Like many new innovations, plastic piping faced skepticism when it made its industry debut, as many worried that plastic was not as durable as commonly used metal materials. Fast forward to now, and plastic is regularly used in a range of plumbing applications and is often the preferred choice by Keep Reading »

What Is Life Cycle Assessment and How Do Pipes Play a Role?

November 29, 2017
When designing a sustainable building, topics such as energy efficiency and indoor air quality are often top of mind. But just as important is the consideration of resource efficiency and the sustainability of the components that make up the building—and the components that make up those components. Life cycle analysis provides a complete look at the environmental impacts of a product or system from raw material extraction through production, use, and, finally, end of life. Keep Reading »

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