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Health & Safety

Along with reliability you can trust, Corzan Piping Systems provide the peace of mind of long-term safety and health for building occupants.

  • Strong: Unlike traditional metallic systems, Corzan Piping Systems maintain water quality. There is no leaching of metal or contamination of the water supply.
  • Safe: Corzan pipe and fittings are consistently proven to resist bacteria and biofilm better than other materials used for potable water piping. And our pipes can withstand the super-heated and super-chlorinated water required for biofilm remediation, unlike PEX, which is not recommended for use with water above 140 degrees and is unable to withstand chlorine as well as CPVC does.
  • Sustainable: Corzan pipe and fittings are long-lasting, efficiently produced and recyclable.

Recent News

copper pipe leak

Lead and Copper Contamination Plaguing Detroit Schools

September 13, 2018
Copper piping is a go-to material for many plumbers and builders. But before specifying, it’s important to consider the health and safety aspects of each piping system; many pros don’t realize the risk of corrosion posed by copper and other metallics—factors that can lead to failures and even health concerns down the road. The issue is currently top of mind in Detroit, where officials recently shut down drinking water throughout the school system after elevated Keep Reading »

Factors to Consider as Legionella Outbreaks Continue

September 12, 2018
Each month, new headlines blare about legionella outbreaks leading to illnesses and, in some cases, deaths. According to tracking by HC Info, July 2018 legionella incidences in the United States included 27 illnesses and one death following an outbreak in a cooling tower in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood; 11 illnesses and one death suspected to be caused by legionella in a church cooling tower in Cleveland; and two confirmed contractions of Legionnaire’s from Keep Reading »

Corzan Customer Launches ChlorFIT Piping System

August 14, 2018
GF Piping Systems, a Corzan® CPVC licensee, has introduced the ChlorFIT Schedule 80 Piping System, a line of highly robust pipes, valves and fittings ideal for hot- and cold-water supply lines in commercial and institutional projects. GF Piping Systems’ new line allows for a complete Corzan CPVC system without need for transition to copper stub-outs while offering numerous advantages over other piping materials, including use in hot temperatures and resistance to chlorine and corrosion. ChlorFIT Keep Reading »

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