FBC System Compatibility

FBC™ System Compatible Program

No matter what materials you use, ensuring compatibility is essential. With metal piping, the industry knows to avoid contact between dissimilar metals to avoid galvanic corrosion. For generations, plumbers have known that copper must be protected when installed in concrete or high-salinity environments because of corrosion concerns.

While Corzan Piping Systems are immune to corrosion, pitting and scaling, installers need to be sure they are using ancillary construction products that are compatible with Corzan pipe and fittings. To ease the burden associated with researching and selecting accompanying construction products, Lubrizol developed the FBC™ System Compatible Program. This resource is made available to manufacturers of ancillary products to assist in determining their products’ chemical compatibility with Corzan Piping Systems.

Access the FBC System Compatible Program at www.systemcompatible.com.

How to Determine Chemical Compatibility

  1. Find FBC™ System Compatible Products
  2. Review Incompatible Products
  3. Review Other Chemical Compatibility Topics

FBC Compatible Mobile App

Get instant access to Corzan compatibility information with our mobile app available for iPhone and Android. All the latest updates and new product information are pushed directly to the app so you always have the latest information.

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