BIM Offerings

Corzan plumbing systems are available in Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. BIM’s real-time, 3D modeling software allows plumbing engineers and architects to:

  • Detect and prevent design conflicts
  • Quickly create multiple designs to compare and identify the best value-engineered solution
  • Create detailed outputs for accurate cost estimates
  • Lower costs by reducing on-site errors and delays
  • Communicate clearly with non-technical investors and design makers

Corzan’s new BIM objects can be downloaded into active design sessions using Autodesk®, Revit® and AutoCAD® software, making it easier than ever to increase productivity in building design and construction.

See Corzan pipe and fittings on bimobject here.

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GF Piping Systems


Autodesk® Seek, a web-based search engine for BIM objects and specifications for use in Revit, AutoCAD, Maya® and other CAD applications. Lubrizol’s BIM objects can be directly accessed from within the Autodesk Revit program. FlowGuard Gold and Corzan systems are the only non-metallic pipe and fitting options available in Autodesk Revit that meet the requirements for both hot and cold potable water established by national model codes.

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