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Corzan piping systems offer easy, low-cost installation, with no need for expensive tools. Corzan pipes and fittings can be solvent welded, the industry’s fastest permanent pipe joining solution, or mechanically joined, allowing for quick repairs with minimal downtime.

Installing a Corzan piping system is both fast and easy, but as with any installation, proper technique is required ensure the highest quality performance. Learn more about our low-cost installation and how these methods can help reduce downtime.

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Corzan CPVC Piping Systems

We Are Corzan

April 23, 2018
Corzan CPVC is more than just a piping material. We are a team of scientists, engineers, master plumbers and mechanical contractors dedicated to being your partner. Watch this video to learn how the Corzan Piping Systems team delivers reliability in everything we do to ensure you a dependable system that you can trust.  Ready to learn more? Contact your representative today. Keep Reading »
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How Does Chlorine Affect Plastic Piping Systems?

April 19, 2018
Chlorination is frequently employed to control the growth of harmful bacteria in cooling towers and recirculating systems. But many may not realize that this type of disinfection, relied upon to maintain healthy HVAC systems, can accelerate degradation of some types of pipes. CPVC is not one of those piping materials. And the reason is right in its name: chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. In its very molecular structure, CPVC possesses inherent resistance to degradation by chlorinated water.  Keep Reading »
Piping systems for HVAC hydronic heating and cooling

Piping Solutions for HVAC Projects

March 23, 2018
When it comes to hydronic heating and cooling applications, Corzan CPVC offers an ideal combination of durability, reliability and affordability. Corzan CPVC pipe, valves and fittings are designed to meet the temperature, pressure and size requirements of commercial heating and cooling systems, and they have a proven track record in commercial hot water heating and cooling systems in hospitals, retail and multifamily projects, to name a few. When designed, installed and operated in accordance with Keep Reading »

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