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Corzan piping systems offer easy, low-cost installation, with no need for expensive tools. Corzan pipes and fittings can be solvent welded, the industry’s fastest permanent pipe joining solution, or mechanically joined, allowing for quick repairs with minimal downtime.

Installing a Corzan piping system is both fast and easy, but as with any installation, proper technique is required ensure the highest quality performance. Learn more about our low-cost installation and how these methods can help reduce downtime.

Recent News

Shands Hospital Turns to Corzan CPVC for Replacement Chilled Water Line

July 31, 2018
Over the past few years, Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Fla., has been expanding dramatically, with the addition of cancer treatment center and a cardiovascular and neurological services center. But less visible have been some key renovations to the existing 35-year-old hospital tower, a 1-million-square-foot general care facility with 600 medical and surgical beds, that are just as vital to the facility’s ability to conduct quality patient care. Among those renovations was replacement of an aging Keep Reading »

Best Practices for Solvent-Welding in Hot, Humid Conditions

July 27, 2018
Solvent welding is a straightforward, affordable installation method that forms a chemical bond. In fact, a properly installed Corzan fitting is the strongest part of the system. Still, like any installation method and any building material, it’s important to consider the environment and make adjustments accordingly. Lubrizol CPVC met with Amrit Parhar, Principal Chemist at Oatey®, to understand how climate can affect the use of solvent cement. Heat and humidity are two conditions that plumbers Keep Reading »

Corzan Pipes Help Meet High-Temperature Requirements at Vet School

June 29, 2018
When a new facilities manager started work at the Oqeundo Center, a hands-on veterinary training facility in Las Vegas, he quickly got in touch with Frank McCourt at Jenni Plumber to discuss some potential issues he discovered. One problem in particular: The center couldn’t get hot-enough water to its sterilizer to ensure proper operation. The design/build project quickly became one of Jenni Plumber’s most challenging to date. The team installed a tankless water heater that Keep Reading »

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