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Hilton Garden Hotel Chooses High Performance CPVC Products for a Complete Piping System

For the owner of the Hilton Garden Inn® franchise in Romulus, MI, every detail involved in the construction of the hotel had to provide premium quality for its future guests.

Along with the visible benefits offered to each and every guest, there was a benefit that was less visible: a quieter, more reliable plumbing and fire sprinkler protection system. Manufactured by The Lubrizol Corporation, the Lubrizol CPVC brand consists of three powerful brands: Corzan® Piping Systems, FlowGuard® Gold Plumbing Systems, and BlazeMaster® Fire Protection Systems. Combined, these brands create plumbing and fire sprinkler solutions that ensure the safety and comfort of individuals in residential and commercial settings.

According to Webb Meyers, Director of Construction and Renovation for Cooper Companies, Memphis, TN, their goal was to build a premium business travel destination using the long-lasting knowledge and protection of the brand.

For nearly 60 years, Lubrizol CPVC has been used in a variety of plumbing system applications in millions of hotels, condominiums, buildings, apartments, and homes. When building, the Detroit Hilton Garden Inn was immediately drawn to the Lubrizol CPVC brand family for their long-lasting durability, reliability, and protection. When coming to a decision, Pender Mechanical selected the Lubrizol CPVC systems.


Corzan Pipes Installed


Offering many advantages for commercial applications, Lubrizol CPVC is often chosen for its ease of installation, durability, and corrosion resistance. Weighing significantly less than metal, it is much easier to support and maintain. With its increased corrosion resistance, Lubrizol CPVC can last longer than competing metallic materials. Recognized for high quality and durability, Corzan pipe and fittings are manufactured through a select network of companies across North America and around the globe.

A Quiet Solution

Another advantage of Corzan Piping Systems and FlowGuard® Gold Plumbing Systems is their ability to minimize the sounds of running water, making it perfect for the hotel business. This helps maintain a quieter atmosphere, as guests will not have to hear their neighbor’s water running early in the morning or late at night. This is due to the thermoplastic properties found in the Corzan Piping Systems, as it doesnot transmit sound as easily as metal pipe.

According to Pender, “Everyone knows that allowances have to be made to eliminate water hammer for copper plumbing systems. With CPVC, there’s no need for air chambers or arresters.”

This insulation is also found valuable when maintaining desired temperature. Unlike copper piping materials, the insulation properties of CPVC plumbing systems reduce condensation and “sweaty pipes”. The material helps hot water stay hotter and cold water stay colder than copper, saving the owners of commercial properties money on heating and cooling bills.

“Corzan Piping Systems provide an additional insulation value, where copper gives you none.”

Fire Sprinkler Installation

When selecting the hotel’s fire sprinkler system, the Cooper Companies immediately requested BlazeMaster® Fire Sprinkler Systems. “We have had experiences with steel fire sprinkler systems that had pinhole leaks,” said Meyers. “We recognized that Lubrizol CPVC systems would not have the same problem.”

Similar to other Lubrizol CPVC systems, installation of BlazeMaster Fire Sprinkler Systems does not require heavy equipment, making for a cleaner, quieter installation.

A Successful Brand Family

“The field support provided by Lubrizol on this job was extremely valuable. Their response was timely and they made things happen, whether it was a code issue, or product we needed,” said Pender.

With The Lubrizol Corporation’s brand of CPVC products, the Detroit Hilton Garden Inn is equipped with a long-lasting protection that will give guests a quiet, safe stay that includes superior corrosion resistance and safe delivery of clean water supply.

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