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CPVC Sound Water Hammer

For Quiet Pipes, Corzan® CPVC Gives You the Silent Treatment

February 12, 2019
Noise reduction is an ongoing challenge in buildings where there are multiple occupants, such as hotels, college dormitories, hospitals and apartments. The noise associated with water flow and water hammer (a pressure surge or wave caused when flowing water is forced to stop or change direction suddenly) can disturb or even wake neighbor occupants during a late-night trip to the bathroom or shower. That’s why building owners and facility managers turn to Corzan® CPVC, the Keep Reading »
cpvc joining methods

Corzan CPVC: Flexibility in Joining Methods for Every Project

January 31, 2019
Long-term reliability and performance in piping systems are paramount considerations in materials selection, which is why engineers, building owners and facility managers have relied on Corzan CPVC for decades. Also in the mix are the contractors who appreciate this fact: Corzan is so versatile it can be installed using either chemical (solvent welding) or mechanical joining methods. Lubrizol engineered the CPVC compound nearly 60 years ago, and we have not stopped honing and evolving its Keep Reading »
secondary disinfection

Secondary Disinfection: What It Means to Your Piping System

January 7, 2019
Many factors contribute to the design and specification of a piping system, from size to pressure to layout. It’s just as critical to think about what’s inside the pipes—the quality of the water and the disinfection treatments that will be used on that water over the life of the system. The additives used for primary and secondary disinfection can often have an impact on the integrity of the pipe. For the majority of projects, water Keep Reading »
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