Piping Systems Comparison: Retail

Corzan Piping Systems are the ideal choice for high-capacity, high-pressure retail potable water systems. Count on worry-free installation, fewer callbacks, easy cut-ins and repairs and unparalleled support. Corzan CPVC has been tested and trusted for more than 50 years with consistent performance, provide maximum water flow throughout the life of the system.

CPVC provides a stable material cost and can reduce installation costs by as much as 50 percent over copper, depending on the project. Corzan Piping Systems have a variety of sizes, and can be used for mixed uses including retail shops with apartments, condos or offices above.

CorzanStainless SteelOther CPVCCopperPEXPPR
Capable of managing high-capacity systems Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Easy installation Yes No Yes No Yes No
Installation and compatibility support Yes No No No No No
Quiet operation Yes No Yes No Yes Yes

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