Piping Systems Comparison: Hospitality

Corzan Piping Systems come out on top versus other systems for hospitality applications. Corzan Piping Systems are cost-effective, easy to install and offer businesses a high-capacity system with corrosion resistance. With fittings in sizes and diameters needed, Corzan pipe and fittings provide a track record of more than 50 years of consistent performance. Corzan’s simplified solvent-weld system requires no torches for installation, and mechanical joining allows for modular construction and/or quick repairs.

Corzan Stainless
Proven resistance to biofilm Yes No Yes No No No
Withstands chlorinated water above 140° Yes No Yes No No No
Cost-effective system Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Easy installation Yes No Yes No Yes No
Available in all needed diameters and schedules Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Installation and compatibility support Yes No No No No No


Copper is comparable when it comes to being highly durable and affordable against other metal piping but not when compared with Corzan pipe and fittings. With extended use, it will break down by corroding or scaling. Corzan pipe and fittings are immune to corrosion – meaning no callbacks due to failures. Corzan also offers a simplified installation, lower bottom-line costs and quiet, efficient operation when compared with copper. A corroding copper plumbing system can be the source of water contamination, while Corzan is the healthy piping system option.

When compared to stainless steel, Corzan outperforms in water quality and cost savings, plus is backed by nearly 60 years of installation history. Plastic piping systems like PEX and PPR do not have the resistance to chlorine degradation that Corzan does.

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