Piping Systems Comparison: High-rise

Whether 10 stories or 40 stories, large-scale office, multi-family and hotel properties rely on dependable performance behind the walls. For larger buildings like this, availability of multiple sizes as well as proven capabilities at high capacities is important, and Corzan Piping Systems can handle both. Corzan can also withstand highly chlorinated water in temperatures up to 200 degrees utilized in disinfection protocols.

Third-party research has found that Corzan CPVC installs quicker than PEX in its most common configuration, and the system can be installed quickly using mechanical joining tools and solvent-welding process that results in a joint that is stronger than the pipe or fitting on its own. Unlike other installation methods like crimping, fusion or expansion, the process is fast and easy, and following simple step-by-step installation instructions can create a system that performs at the highest quality.

CorzanStainless SteelOther CPVCCopperPEXPPR
Quiet operation Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Easy installation Yes No Yes No Yes No
Available in all size for applications Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Capable of managing high capacity systems Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Installation and compatibility support Yes No No No No No

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