Piping Systems Comparison: Education

Safety is top priority when it comes to schools, and Corzan Piping Systems can help keep the system free of bacteria and legionella. Third-party studies show that Corzan pipe and fittings consistently outperform competitors in both biofilm formation potential and resistance to the effects of chlorine on piping systems, as Corzan pipes will not crack, pit or corrode when exposed to highly chlorinated water in temperatures up to 200 degree Fahrenheit, the conditions required for piping system disinfection. Plus, they will provide maximum water flow during the life of the system.

With a proven history, Corzan has the backing of installers because of its easy installation and low cost. Corzan’s reliable solvent-weld system eliminates the hassle of complicated installation methods. Installers also can use Corzan’s mechanical joining method, which reduces system downtime during alterations.

For more information on Legionella, and links to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 12-2000 and CDC resources, please see our Legionella Awareness page.

CorzanStainless SteelOther CPVCCopperPEXPPR
Proven resistance to biofilm Yes No Yes No No No
Withstands chlorinated water above 140° Yes No Yes No No No
Installation and compatibility support Yes No No No No No


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